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fungus of the soul

Orchestral ghosts perform for broken machinery, hard-twinged joints bruised from use and reuse, ramparts plied and supplied with the unremitting rasp of grated redress upon a gate of pond willows, with no one to applaud the performance.

A clock feels no sensation when its outstretched hands are twisted in reverse; tadpoles do not cry when stomped upon sunspackled pavement. The unnatural is expected, ecosystems to dry in the shadows.

Crickets lament the inequity of lost homes, sing to objects bent and torn. I ask them: why not go somewhere else? They muse about the last nine-dozen months of blood-weeks, speculate about the new formation of primordial ecologies, croon of companionship where mechanical things rest.
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hey, just wanted to say hi. . . you're the only other person in all of LJ that's interested in "alla prima" :)
Maybe I just paint that way because I'm too impatient to wait for my painting to dry, I just want it to be finished?
and also, I like your writing. . it's good
I also justify the graces of alla prima for my eagerness to finish.

(And thank you for your kind words.)